African Spiritual Practices Conference: Uniting Consciousness and Spirituality

Prepare to embark on a profound journey of exploration and self-discovery as the African Spiritual Practices Conference unfolds over two enriching days. This extraordinary event celebrates African spirituality and its global influence, unveiling diverse healing rituals, modalities, and technologies that have arisen from its sacred roots. Beyond borders and man-made boundaries, the conference aspires to be a transformative space, fostering the expansion of consciousness and spirituality for all attendees.

Diving into African Spirituality:
At the heart of the African Spiritual Practices Conference lies the essence of African spirituality, which has transcended geographical boundaries through the movements of people across the world. This event embraces the spiritual technologies and healing practices that have emerged from African traditions, nurturing an environment of learning, understanding, and appreciation.

A Diverse Array of Workshops:
The conference boasts an array of captivating workshops led by esteemed speakers and leaders in the field. Delve into ancestral veneration, discovering your soul's mission, sound baths, sound healing, and the potential of psychedelics for healing and spiritual growth. Experience the transformative power of Cacao ceremonies and uncover the depths of ancient African spiritual traditions and technologies. Throughout the event, attendees can consult Tarot card readers and other diviners, adding a touch of mysticism to the experience.

Inspiring Speakers and Workshop Leaders:
Renowned figures in the spiritual realm will grace the event as speakers and workshop leaders. From Wayne B Chandler and Edison Agbandje to Seah Wraye and Yaw Fosu, the lineup embodies wisdom and knowledge from various spiritual traditions. Galactic Clyde, Tia Sunlight, Oya Heart Warrior, Maame Esi, Baba Siete Saudades, Katasta Fahkara, and Akua Ofosuhene will contribute their unique insights, enriching the conference with diverse perspectives.

A Space for Every Spiritual Seeker:The African Spiritual Practices Conference welcomes individuals from all walks of life, whether they are practitioners of Ifa, metaphysics enthusiasts, or those embarking on their healing journeys. Attendees will find inspiration, guidance, and a supportive community, whether they seek to deepen their spiritual connection or explore the art of creating altars to honour ancestors.

A Marketplace of Enrichment:
The conference's marketplace teems with over a dozen artisans, offering tools, artefacts, and practices to enrich one's spiritual journey. This gathering of souls fosters a sense of belonging and unity, bringing together a community of like-minded individuals on a shared quest for spiritual growth.

Culinary Delights and Consultations:Beyond the realm of spiritual knowledge, attendees can indulge in delicious home-cooked Ghanaian vegan, vegetarian, and meat dishes provided by Aunty Afua. Additionally, guests can book 20-minute consultations through a special link, delving deeper into their spiritual aspirations and questions.
The African Spiritual Practices Conference invites you to embark on a transformative experience, celebrating the boundless influence of African spirituality and the myriad healing practices it has inspired worldwide. Join us for two unforgettable days of learning, connection, and exploration, as we delve into the depths of consciousness and spirituality. Together, we will create a space where all seekers can thrive, nourishing their spiritual paths and fostering unity within a diverse and vibrant community. Be part of this extraordinary journey and unlock the limitless potential of your soul at the African Spiritual Practices Conference.