Uppity: An Intellectual Playground For The Refined & The Boujee

Introducing Uppity:

Uppity is your unique intellectual playground, where sophistication, wit, wisdom, and a touch of attitude come together for an unforgettable evening.

Part town hall, part variety show, Uppity is a monthly gathering that unites writers, artists, thinkers, politicians, comedians, professionals, and you. Together, we explore arts, culture, politics, all steeped in unapologetic Blackness.

Uppity™ is the creation of Nels Abbey, a writer, satirist, and former banker, renowned for his book "Think Like A White Man."

Hosted at the Africa Centre, Uppity promises to make us laugh, learn, and come together.

The Trial Of Dominique Samuels:

An event highlight is "The Trial Of Dominique Samuels."

Dominique Samuels, once a well-known hard right-wing commentator, changed her tune in early September 2023. She exposed racism laundering at the Daily Mail, leaving us with a critical question: Should she be forgiven and welcomed back?

Athena Kugblenu, Njambi McGrawth, Albie Amankona, and Nels Abbey lead this trial. Curtis Walker serves as our judge, and you're the jury.

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