Are you tired of complaining and protesting? Let's change it!

We are developing a Social Networking Platform to bring people of African heritage into one place, to ENGAGE, EMPOWER AND ELEVATE.

The Problem


People of African heritage, continue to be divided, undervalued and misrepresented and find themselves fighting to be counted and respected.

At WeAfric, we aim to tackle these problems head-on and be the driving force behind bringing the different communities to work together and unite under one hub. We will offer a unique set of solutions that combine social and professional connections, online learning and business exchange.

We achieve more together!

Connect with each other to build capital
Exchange helpful tips & information
build trust to Bridge divisions

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Facts to make you think

We know how to give, to help our people! If only we could direct 10% of that, to projects and businesses such as WeAfric, Imagine the possibilities.

10 Billion +

Remittance sent by African Caribbean

40 Billion +

Remittance sent by the Continental African Diaspora

1.3 Trillion +

Buying power of the African American communities
Featured blog List

What's happening in our community

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We are on a mission to build the best platform for our community, please support us in any way you can.

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