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Our guiding principles

NAme & Our guiding Principles

What’s in a name?

Inspired by the word Ubuntu - an idea present in African philosophy the essence of which is ‘I am, because you were and because we are’ or "we are all connected", we cannot be ourselves without the community. An individual's well being is caught up in the well being of others.

Weafric Logo and the breakdown of the name.

VISIONThe-one-place for all descendants of Africa.
MISSIONWe believe descendants of Africa have the potential to do incredible things. All it needs is for the people to come, stay and work together. To achieve this we need to rebuild trust between each other. Our aim is to facilitate a dialogue that empowers our communities by standing strong together to address social and developmental needs first, locally and then build a bridge with Africa.

In short we exist to
Ignite opportunity by mobilizing the people.

We don't have core values, because values mean nothing without action. So these are our core behaviours.
Practice IntegrityWe strive to do our work in ways that honour our children and our ancestors.
Be DaringWe move against the flow and challenge directly so we can improve not only ourselves but also our institutions.
Bias for ActionWe don't just say “if you see something, respond.” action speaks louder than words.
Lead by serving othersLeadership shouldn't be about ego. It's about enabling others.
OwnershipControl of our own narrative and destiny

Our Team

Ambitious & Passionate

WeAfric team and Experienced Ambassadors will connect people to resources and encourage community collaboration through an online platform as well as social and professional networking events to address pressing issues in our Community.

"Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great. You can be that generation. Let Your Greatness Blossom." __Nelson Mandela

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