What is WeAfric?

WeAfric is an integrated social networking platform connecting Historical and Continental African Diaspora in one place. A central place to harness the immense potential of black people globally, address issues that impede economic and social wellbeing and enable the people to break boundaries.We want to shape the future we want to see.


Bring us closer with the global African descendants community to share and exchange experiences.


Enable you to participate
in maximising the development of our communities.


Provide and encourage meaningful discussion to reshape the African narrative.

Groups and Memberships.

As a member, you can join and follow multiple interest groups and focus on issues of interest to you. It is an opportunity to connect and contribute to useful discussions as well as reply to other members’ comments. Whether you’re looking for ideas on how to improve your existing knowledge about a particular subject matter or share news, and your opinions you’ll find a wealth of useful information.

Ambassador  lead Events

What is an Ambassador?

Our events will revolve around nominated ambassadors who are natural networkers and love to bring people together. They will develop their group and create an active community around them. The ambassadors will ensure that regular activities take place in his or her group (at least one per month).

Tips & information

A valuable exchange with your social and professional circles to provide a priceless minefield of useful leads, tips, advice, carefully curated information, and other resources important to the African Diaspora community.

Facilitate a dialogue based on country of origin and residence

We have completely restyled our platform, aimed at African diaspora involvement to countries of origin as well as residence. Many Africans living and working abroad remain strongly connected to their country of origin. The platform offers you the opportunity to share your views, discuss events and upload stories.

"Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great. You can be that generation. Let Your Greatness Blossom." __Nelson Mandela

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