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The Wheel of Life

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October 14, 2020

The Wheel of Life

Empowering our fellow Africans and their descendants to confidently address life’s challenges, thrive in the global economy, and catalyse positive change.

The Wheel of Life shows how to bring balance to your life and create happiness and success. It is based on the notion that there are specific categories—or what I call Areas of Focus—that form the cornerstone of your overall life experience. Let’s walk through the process...

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The Wheel of Life consists of a pie chart, which represents different categories that are of importance to people. The most common subdivisions are:

  • Health

How physically and mentally healthy are you? How do you feel? Are you satisfied with your appearance and weight? Do you have any physical discomforts? To what extent are you engaged in sports? Etc.

  • Family & friends

Are friends supportive, unconditional and trustworthy? Can friendships be built upon and friends always be counted on? To what extent do you spend your free time with family and friends? Etc.

  • Romance

Have you found happiness in love? Do you have a new partner or a committed partner on who you can build? Etc.

  • Business & career

How satisfied are you with your job, is it the job that you had imagined or would you rather pursue another career? Does the job bring you happiness and satisfaction? Does the job earn enough for a living? Etc.

  • Finance

Are all incomes enough to meet all basic needs and other needs? Are you not dependent on loans? Do you not have any debts? Is money the only thing that makes a person happy? Etc.

  • Personal development

How do you deal with personal growth. Are you open to new experiences and eager to learn? Are you spiritually connected to both the inner and outer world? Etc.

  • Fun & recreation

Are you enjoying life? Do you practice hobbies or sports? How do you spend your free time? Etc.

  • Contribution

Do you help others? Do you volunteer? To what extent are you active at (sports) clubs, in the neighbourhood or taking care of family members?

How do I use the Wheel of Life?

Step 1. Start

The online assessment tool is simple to use. Just click the button to start your wheel and the interactive system will guide you through the process of rating each area of your life, one at a time. When filling in the Wheel of Life, it does not matter where you begin or with which category. Every part influences one’s individual life. By completing the wheel in all honesty and correcting it if needed, you find out what is going right and which parts may need more attention. The more extreme the number, the more improvement that category could use.

Step 2. Fill in

Filling in the scores provides an overview of the individual’s sense of contentment in the various categories. It is important to take your time for this, and not to fill in the scores too quickly or allow yourself to get distracted.

Reflecting on each category requires concentration and only by filling it in seriously, can you get an accurate view of your balance in life and the way in which you react to setbacks. Of course, there are several considerations per category, but below you will find the most obvious descriptions:

How long does it take to fill out my wheel?

The assessment can usually be filled out in less than a minute.

How much does it cost?

The wheel of life is 100% free. No strings attached, and no catch!

Who is behind this?

This free assessment has been explored by our team and brought to you by

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