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African Diaspora History

The Brief African diaspora history giving a glance of how we have spread out

April 5, 2021

Brief History Of The African Diaspora

Throughout history, people from Africa have migrated to new areas, been transported without consent, and even currently have a lot of people relocating for new lives elsewhere around the world. There are now African communities located around the world. People who have been living in Africa for decades now are also in the diaspora and helping expand their cultural heritage in increasingly more areas.

African diaspora consists of descendants of Africans located in other countries outside of Africa. For example, places like Brazil (82,277,333 including mixed people), USA (46 million Africans), Haiti (8,583,759 Africans), Europe (12 million Africans), and most other countries contribute to the African diaspora. The population of people of African descent in these foreign countries is continuously growing too.

Africans & The Global Dispersal

Historically, much of the African diaspora population began in the Americas, Europe and later expanded in Asia. A significant reason for this occurred during the slave trade era across the Arab and Atlantic Ocean. Scholars believe that this was the origins of the concept of the African diaspora, which occurred during the 16th and 19th centuries. These centuries were periods when people from many areas of the Americas were selling slaves to other regions of the United States. The massive scale of the slave trade is how large populations of Africans began to rise in these locations. It’s a time in which most Africans started to enter the Americas. It lead to future generations continuing to stay in these locations and calling them “home.” Results from the Atlantic slave trade is evident in other countries as well.

Even with a dark history, the current African diaspora is now happily living in the Americas and other parts of the world. Now, the African diaspora can be found living everywhere in the world.

In times of freedom, Africans began to realize a new life in these foreign countries. Even today, there are a lot of new families who have relocated to places all around the world seeking new life and opportunities, whether for work, school, or to escape hardships from their native countries.

Who Are the African Diaspora

People of African descent can be found all around the world, although some people may not primarily identify themselves as being African. There are many levels of the African Diaspora. There are first and second-generation Africans, whose immediate families relocated recently, whether themselves or their parents. They usually have a memory of living in Africa or have immediate family still living there. There are other Africans who have been in these new locations for so many generations that they relate more to the local culture more so than to Africa. The African diaspora consists of people in Europe, America, Asia, and everywhere in between. Most Africans are proud of their heritage and background and when asked, would quickly say their origin continent in Africa as their home.


The African Diaspora is a perfect example of the strength and resilience of the African people. From a dark past, Africans have turned this negative situation into one of new opportunity. As the African Diaspora continues to grow, the strong African spirit and pride will be found in even more places around the world.

Source: https://bit.ly/33JCWdT

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