Culture, Clashes and the Community.

Get educated with your roots.

Cathy Assoba

May 24, 2021

Culture, Clashes and the Community.

Melanin on melanin feud is one of the biggest non-sensical divides.

An open letter from a millennial to the Gen Z I think it essential to do better and school the following generations. As much slack, I have witnessed and gained as a millennial, from the generations above due to various factors from cultural differences and the rapid change in the status quo of our current climate. I want to pass on the baton to the next generation of Gen Z who have become adults in their own right (Oldest Gen Z’s is born in 1997) with a more pragmatic outlook. It’s important to break and contradict myths we have been programmed with to hinder growth on the melanated community.

Stereotypes, Separations and Society.

This is a deep-rooted issue for obvious reasons, and the impacts are being exemplified today. No matter your situation, if we all gather the little light we have, we can have radiant sunshine. We can be that powerful by debunking myths of misused propaganda exhibited by people who do not yearn for melanated opulence but instead create and pump an ugly portrayal to dismantle our divine demeanour. We need to be firm and take centre stage confidently as our story’s main character, whatever life predicament we have. We underestimate our strength because of how much society has broken our spirits.

African vs Caribbean

This is witnessed and practised from a very young. The mockery of African names which beautifully illustrates our heritage and history to the Caribbean culture’s contemptuous act. These are caused by distractions, and mental bondages that later in life, create further detachments and cleave teaching our children to do the same, before realising that is wrong—subconsciously Laying the foundation of the generation domino effect. How much will the melanated nation flourish if we negate this perfective to demonstrate support and love in the community instead?

Xenophobic Diasporas

As if Society and the sea separations were not enough severance, Xenophobia comes into play. We like to castigate at others for not doing better from our parents and ancestors for not working harder. Yet, this current generation of Diasporas is xenophobic to the roots of their origin. Western culture has given them the cushioned comforts and familiarity to now be afraid of their true traditions. They are alienating themselves from their roots of what their physical appearance demonstrates.

We need to debunk this for two reasons 1. It creates superiority complex can we expect society to move forward if our behaviourism is still blocked from the narrative fed to you.

We need to be attentive advocates for change in the melanated communities by utilising our tools to make the spread of change not only on our doorstep but to be maximalist at this. When you think you have done all that you can physically and mentally accomplish understand that the majority of the melanated nation does not live in the western world and our little light also needs to shine elsewhere.

Which is why WeAfric, a diaspora networking platform, encourages you to get educated with your roots. To be at the heart of the positive melanin movement with diasporas being the core of the essence.

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