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Cathy Assoba

May 24, 2021

Nothing is more impactful in shaping the way we are as adults than what we consume in our childhood. Melanated children, severally see a lack of representation in age where they are most impressionable and are impacted by their environment and resources, due to this awareness, it also been the inspiration for these industry shakers to take action. Here a list of 4 brands that have melanated children as the essence of their brand.

Cocoa Girl Magazine

The UK's first black girl magazine. That alone is why it is number one on the list. How many black women today would have loved to have something similar growing up? The founder Serlina Boyd was inspired to start this as there was a lack of magazines, she could buy for her daughter titled the magazine editor. It is inspiring for melanated children to read relatable content and be able to part of the magazine as they encourage other children the ages of 7-11 years old  to be contributors to the magazine. A great indication to boost their creativity.

Learn more from the about they do here

Ballet Black – Ballet School

The ballet industry is an industry noticeably known for its lack of diversity, particularly towards melanated dancers. Ballet Black is an established ballet company with performances throughout the year; they have branched out with a junior school for ages between 3-18. This is a significant initiative to encourage melanated children to be surrounded and taught by ethnic inclusive professionals.

Check out the website on how to  subscribe to be a member for exclusive updates or to join the company here.

Fennel Adventures

This is created by the mother of three, Jennaye Fennel and her children aged 11,12 and 16 years old. Who have founded Fennel Adventures writing and producing children books inspired by their travels, ranging from a destination such as New Orleans to Cuba.  They have also branched out in colouring books and podcasts. Jennaye has also published a parental guidebook on raising entrepreneur children inspired by her own experience running a business with her children.

Check out more of what they do here.

Vashti Harrison

Author, illustrator and filmmaker, creating content with melanated children in mind. From home and décor fixtures such as wall clocks and pillows to travel cups and phone cases with her signature black girl logo. For melanated young girls, this is a great way to get added frills that are inclusive, and it can allow them to visualise artistic accessories that represent and enhance their self-assurance.

Additionally, she has released a series of books called Little leaders' based on 40 melanated women and leaders within their respective industries. Another great concept to provide inspiration and aspiration.

For more on what to shop by Vashti and explore all she has to offer, view here

WeAfric cater to a wide array of demographic catering to people of diaspora decent; it is vital to engage with the youngest demographic and provide them with an outlook varied brands and industries inspired to facilitate melanated children and provide creativity in the community.

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