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5 Top Selling Tips for Black-Owned Online Businesses

Online selling strategies to implement

Patrick Musyoka

June 4, 2021

2 min read

The world of e-commerce has tremendously boomed in recent years, thanks to rapid technological advancement and increasingly evolving consumer preference. Alongside this growth comes increased competition, and we need top-notch selling strategies for our Black-owned businesses to thrive in the competitive marketplace.

Descendants of Africa – in Diaspora and at home alike – need outstanding selling techniques to market and grow Black businesses. With the right online selling skills, we can reach our people and create awareness for our businesses. In this way, we can promote our businesses and gain competitive advantages through the power of Black group economics.

Whereas there are endless online selling strategies, here are five top-selling tips to help you grow your Black business.

1 - Maximise on social media channels

If you want to succeed in online business, maximise the use of social media channels. Mainstream social media such as Facebook and Instagram are instrumental tools for your Black-owned business. Promote your channels to gain a large following because online customers trust brands with a massive following. You can think of African social networks or African Diaspora social networks such as WeAfric to connect with descendants of Africa and promote your business.

2 - Invest in a responsive website

Customers need a professional yet easy-to-use website. Nobody is willing to key in their card details into a shoddy website that seems a scam. Make your website easily accessible on mobile devices and computers, make the interface easy to use, and ensure that the website is secure. Also, enhance the aesthetics of your website to make it appealing to the customer.

3 - Provide impeccable customer service

Customer service is paramount for the success of your online business. Contemporary customers are more interested in the experience they get from you than the product per se. Put your customers’ needs first, ensure excellent communication, online or offline, and give your customers a great delivery experience. When you nail customer service, you create customer loyalty and benefit from repeat purchases and referrals.

4 - Create SEO content

Invest in good SEO content for your social media handles and website to help your potential customers find you easily on search engines.  SEO marketing content drives organic traffic to your website and boosts the conversion rate. Have your web content infused with the keywords that customers use to search for your product or service online. Remember that there are thousands of sellers competing to appear on the first page of a search engine.

5 - Understand your target audience

Present-day customers want to engage with brands that tell their stories. Understanding your audience and customising your product or marketing content makes them feel like part of your story. For example, using hashtags like #blacklivesmatter, #blackheritage, or #blackexcellence may drive customers of African descent to your social media channels and website.

Summing it up

Having a unique business idea is one thing, but having a sales strategy to compete with other players is another thing. And it is all about creating meaningful connections with your existing and potential customers. That said, WeAfric is our perfect African Diaspora Network that seeks to unite global African descendants and promote black group economics.

As we come together, we create a market for businesses owned by the dark-melanin community and gain unparalleled competitive advantages. We encourage all historical and continental descendants of Africa to prioritise spending our money on our Black businesses. And by embracing the Ubuntu spirit, we will grow together – by creating a market for our Black businesses, creating jobs for African descendants, and contributing to African development.

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