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5 Important Life Skills for people of African heritage

Life skills not taught in schools

Patrick Musyoka

June 21, 2021

2 mins read

While school equips us with the fundamental knowledge we need to pursue a career or business, there is a myriad of vital skills we need to succeed in life, but we were never taught. Yet, these life skills are principally essential for descendants of Africa to attain Black excellence. Have you ever wished that "how to make money" was a core subject in a college? Perhaps such a subject would teach us how to achieve Black group economics if we networked through an African Diaspora social network.

Well, here are five critical life skills that can help us achieve individual success and elevate our African community socioeconomically.

1 - How to manage personal finance

The importance of money management skills cannot be overemphasised. It is terrible to have a lucrative job or a thriving business idea when you can't plan and account for your earnings. It is vitally important to know how to make money through entrepreneurship and create opportunities for fellow descendants of Africa. Better still, the art of saving, reinvesting, and timely repayment of debt is fundamental for us to thrive. We also need to develop the culture of prioritising our expenditure on Black-owned businesses to empower our community.

2 - Resilience and dealing with harsh realities

As people of African descent, we often find ourselves in difficult situations. Maybe due to the systemic racism we occasionally encounter, or perhaps other life crises such as COVID-19, loss of job, or business failure. When your hope is dwindling and feeling at your lowest, you need to develop the ability to bounce back to life. Today you may be down, but tomorrow you will be better.

3 - Self-defence

Overall, personal safety is paramount in the world of uncertainties, and self-defence comes in handy.  To ensure your safety as a person of intense melanin, you need to learn the essential skill of self-defence – both speech and physical activity. Being sure that you can protect yourself from the evil world keeps you confident and happy to lead a successful life. Self-defence skills also increase your assertiveness, self-esteem, patience for others and reduce aggressiveness.

4 - Job hunting

Life after college can be devastating for a person of colour without the right job-hunting skills. It all involves crafting a persuasive copy of your resume and cover letter. Distinguish yourself from other job seekers by showcasing your skills uniquely, other than the usual bullet points. Create a professional LinkedIn profile, shoot a video of yourself explaining to your potential employer your knowledge, skills, and personality. Also, be aggressive in finding both listed and unlisted jobs on the internet.

5 - Socialising and networking

Thanks to the ubiquitous technology, internet, and social networking sites, the contemporary world has become a global village.  Indeed, social networking is fundamental for the descendants of Africa to connect and champion common goals. We need interpersonal skills, effective communication, and the Ubuntu spirit of yearning to elevate each other to achieve individual and community success. Networking helps us find unlisted jobs, create a market for our Black businesses, and create new friends and professional contacts.

Summing it up

High school or college education is not enough for us to achieve genuine success in our adult life as descendants of Africa. We need skills to look for jobs, manage personal finance, defend ourselves, deal with harsh realities, and create social networks that can help us thrive. These are practical life skills that we can learn to improve the quality of our lives. More so, if we come together through Black-owned social media, such as WeAfric, we can create professional connections that help us learn more life skills of utmost importance for Black excellence.

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