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10 of Africa’s Most Favourite Foods

10 of Africa's favourite foods

Patrick Musyoka

May 24, 2021


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Africa is a great continent with a plethora of stunning attractions. And for this reason, Africa remains a leading destination for millions of tourists from all over the world. On top of this, the African narrative is spiced by what people eat there. In fact, we can undoubtedly posit that cooking was invented in Africa!

Although African foods have not gotten the limelight they deserve,  Africa is a great contributor to the cuisines of the Caribbean, Americas, and Europe. These practices were carried along by African trade in ancient times.

African foods are more than a biological necessity for the African Diaspora community. The foods intertwine our culture as they help us reconnect with our cultural roots in Africa. For instance, African-American food practices are referred to as “soul food.” This name allows African Diaspora in America to connect with their history and culture. And even though the recipes of foods consumed by the African descendants in different parts of the world may differ, the base ingredients share unique commonalities.

In this blog, we encapsulate some of the most popular foods from Africa. Whether you have roots in Africa or planning to tour the great continent, here are some of the delicacies you can enjoy.

1 - Jollof Rice – Nigeria

Jollof rice is a meal prepared in the West-African region. At its best, it is prepared with rice and tomato sauce and served with red or white meat.


2 - Koki Beans – Cameroon

Koki beans is a mouth-watering pudding prevalent in Cameroon. It is a pudding prepared using smashed blacked-eyed peas (cowpeas) as its primary ingredient. When you find yourself in the streets of Cameroon, don’t let this delicacy pass you by.


3 - Chicken Muamba – Angola

When in Angola, join the Angolans in doing what they enjoy – eating chicken muamba. This is a meal made of marinated chicken with garlic, palm oil, okra, and chilis. It is a perfect accompaniment for other African meals such as ugali and fufu.


4 - Chicken Kebabs – Egypt

Chicken kebabs are a treasure across Egypt. They are prepared using boneless chicken breasts richly spiced with dry mustard, black pepper, curry powder, and ground cardamom, among other tasty spices. This a perfect and unforgettable treat for your tongue!


5 - Pap en Vleis/Shisa Nyama – South Africa

This is a favourite meal across the South African region as well as Eastern Africa. It is a culinary adventure translated to mean maize porridge and meat. Don’t miss to enjoy a great combination of chicken or steaks with starch. Add a bottle of local beer, and you opt to stay in South Africa forever!


6 - Nyama na Irio – Kenya

This is a much-loved dish in Kenya, the East African country renowned for long-distance runners. It is prepared using smashed potatoes, corn, beans or peas, and onion. It is mostly served with meat stew.


7 - Egusi Soup with Fufu – Nigeria

Egusi soup is a spectacular food in Nigeria. It is an assortment of meats, oils, vegetables such as spinach, and spices. It is served with fufu balls, ground yam, or rice.


8 - Doro Wat- Ethiopia

Ask any Ethiopian what their favourite dish is, and they will consistently answer “Doro wat.” To them, it is a go-to meal during festivities such as weddings and religious celebrations. It is an iconic chicken stew prepared using chicken drumsticks or wings spiced with chilli, onions, berbere, and butter. The stew is not complete without peeled hard-boiled eggs that have small slits to absorb the sauce.


9 - Chambo with Nsima – Malawi

Chambo with nsima is a favourite national food for Malawians. It simply means grilled fish served with stiff maize porridge. Mention “chambo” to a Malawian away from home and watch them cry because of the delicacy they are missing. Chambo with nsima is the real taste of Malawi.


10 - Zanzibari Biryanis and Pilaus – Zanzibar

This is a Swahili dish prepared using riced and various spices such as cardamom, pepper, and cumin. It is served with meat, vegetables or seafood. It is a delicious dish that you can take every day!


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