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Growing a healthy community is a lifelong process, one that requires constant nurturing and persistence. Our aim is to play a role in building a healthier, more vibrant community by facilitating group and individual discussions to promote our community values through a unique networking platform that is guided by local voices and global expertise. To a great extent, it's about maximising the effects of how we spend our time, money, and talents. But it's also about how we create the settings in our communities that help bring positive change.

connect and BUILD human capital


Help generate ideas and relationships across lines that divide us by bringing together the many voices of our community to revive and restore Trust & Transparency. A platform to bring parents who want to ensure their children embrace their culture or even find informal support,  to connect mentors to enhance his/her future prospects, a professional wanting to meet others with related business interests, or an individual simply looking to network and exchange tips and information based on shared values and interest.

strong bondS increase social capital


The platform will allow people to organize in groups, whether by location, interest, or any other configuration, strengthening relationships and helping foster closer collaboration. Within these groups, there will be members-led resources facilitating knowledge sharing around the Five principal pillars of History & Culture, Health, Life Skills, Business & Finance and Education.

Financial capital is power.


When we are heard and connected, we have the power to transform the world. It is time for us as a people to think in terms of economic development and self-determination. We want the WeAfric platform to be a central space with a strong structure & organisation to facilitate this.  
“A race that is solely dependent upon another for its economic existence sooner or later dies.” The Honorable Marcus Garvey

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